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Thyroid cancer
Thyroid cancer is already the malignant tumor of which the current incidence is increased fastest. Thyroid cancer incidence among people in China continues to climb in recent years, especially among young females. Studies show that thyroid cancer incidence among East Asian people is increased at a speed obviously higher than among European and American people, for instance, thyroid cancer already ranks first in female malignant tumors in South Korea in respect of incidence; while thyroid cancer is also ranks among top three in female malignant tumors in respect of incidence in some regions of our country.

Early-stage thyroid nodule is easier to discover, along with the progress of the ultrasound technique and popularization of physical examination. Since these nodules may be benign or malignant, so how to accurately identify which thyroid nodules are benign and which are malignant is the key to the planning of the thyroid nodule therapy.

  Currently, Fine-needle Puncture is the traditional gold criterion for the diagnosis of benign or malignant thyroid nodule, however which depends on doctor experience to a considerable degree. Even though the puncture specimens are collected sufficiently and interpreted by an experienced cytopathologist, approximate 10% of which is still difficult or impossible to confirm to be benign or malignant based on cell type. To avoid these false negative, the diagnosis of thyroid cancer or not can only be confirmed by surgery. Thus a part of patients with benign thyroid nodule in whom thyroid cancer is suspected will inevitably receive surgical therapy, causing unnecessary burden.
Burning Rock Sai Zhen™
Launched by Burning Rock Dx, Sai Zhen™-a detection product for characterization of thyroid as benign or malignant, can solve the problem of how to characterize the thyroid nodule as benign or malignant from the newest perspective of cell classification. Based on the platform of the advanced next generation sequencing, Sai Zhen™ can detect all at once multiple gene markers highly correlated with thyroid cancer, so as to screen whether there are gene mutations which are exclusively in thyroid cancer in thyroid nodule.

Burning Rock Sai Zhen™ provides benefit to Patients from two aspects as follows:

Sai Zhen™ can precisely predict thyroid nodule as benign or malignant in favor of determining the best therapy and follow-up plan and avoiding ill influences in multiple aspects brought by excessive therapy.

The prognosis is different with different molecular classification of thyroid cancer. Through performing molecular classification of thyroid nodule, the detection can provide more information for clinical prediction of prognosis.

Applicable Populations

The patients in whom thyroid nodules are diagnosed by imaging and whether the nodules are benign or malignant cannot be confirmed by biopsy based on cell morphology.
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